Unconditional Love for Chai

Bubblicious tea

 Ever wondered, what would’ve happened if there was no Chai in this world?

Importance of Chai in our life.

What would’ve made our day better?

What would’ve made our mood right?

Who would’ve loved us back when no one else does?

Yes, we all know the answer to these questions. The official ‘Crank Killer’. It’s kind of liquid gold. It’s Chai. Who doesn’t love tea? Wait I know some weird people (No offense). if you’re Indian, you gotta love tea. Probably there is more tea than blood flowing in our body. 

Morning Chai
Morning Chai with Poha

Chai has a different meaning in every tea lover’s lives. For some it is their morning shot, for some, it is their Redbull, for some, it is just an evening tea over which they meet and greet. And for some it’s an emotion, it’s a drug, it’s an addiction, its pure love, it’s what they dream about all day. That’s how crazy I am about my Chai. Imagine having support groups for tea addicts in the future and I’ll be like, “Hi I am Komal, and I am a Chaivinist”. Funny right?

I would not have survived even a single day without it. Believe me or not but I can drink Chai at any Hour of the day. When you’re sad, happy, PMSing or bored It goes with everything. It will comfort you every single time.

Types of Chai lovers

The best thing is that our chai is so personalized and customized to us. Like, some may prefer milk tea, some may prefer black tea, some like their tea sweet, some without sugar, some take their tea to the next level by adding ginger to it and I swear it Ginger tea is another heaven for me. I mean Aah haaaa.

Chai maska bun
Chai with Maska
chai with fan
Chai with Fan

And as you need Your Chakhna with your daaru. We Chaivinist like our tea with Khaari, rusk, fan, maska and of course our Parle-G.

Suuurrr wali chai
Suurrrrr wali Chai

Drinking tea in the traditional way is the best way to drink it, like when you pour it in your saucer and drink it while making a Suuurrrrrr sound. I mean this goes beyond our normal etiquette but we know we all did that.

And you know when it’s raining outside and thought of a hot cup of tea and Fritters give you this nice warm feeling, I bet everyone enjoyed that. And that kulhad wali chai, who doesn’t love that?? 

Kulhad wali Chai
Kulhad wali Chai

We have made lots of memories over tea sessions with family and friends. Thadi wali chai is a must when with friends. But now everyone is so full in their lives that they forget to relax, they forget to take a moment and enjoy their tea. They’ve forgotten about their parents, friends and even themselves. That just makes me sad. Because Tea unites people, tea was the reason people gathered and talked and made memories.

If you haven’t made memories over tea yet so what are you waiting for? I had one too. I had my first date at a Tea Cafe and it was amazing. Almost nostalgic here. 

You, Me And Tea

Chai was there whenever we needed it. It helped us get through the difficult days of our lives. I know Coffee was there too but Tea has a special place in our lives. Don’t you agree?

So let’s spread some love over a cup of tea.

Let’s spread happiness and smiles with a cup of tea. Let’s meet again over a cup of tea, let’s create memories again. Let’s for a while silent our phones just to know others over a cup of tea. Let’s start a revolution, a mission #youmeandtea and spread love.

Share your tea time stories with me, and also on social media (if you want) using the hashtag #youmeandtea. 

Kulhad wali chai
Kulhad wali chai

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Happy Reading and have a great every day.

Issi baat pe ak cup chai aur ho Jaye!!!!!